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Winter Week and the New Ice Age of Denver

Hello Tumblr World!

I hope your last holiday was filled with good company and fun memories! You are reading yet another installment of the JWU Denver blog. In case you haven’t heard, this little region of the Midwest is one of the coldest at this moment. We’ve had some crazy low temperatures… This will make for good stories.

Coming up this week is JWU Denver’s Winter Week. Our Campus Activities Board has some awesome things in store for us this year. Since the theme is vintage Hollywood (how crazy cool is that?!) we have some appropriately themed activities to get us amped up. There’s going to be a black and white photo booth, on campus movies, and of course our Hanging of the Greens winter formal. This year, not only is it off campus…BUT it is at a classic car museum. It is going to be sweet.

Pictures to come!

Hopefully all is well in your world.