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Last Post of My Fall Internship

Hello All!

I hope you all did well on your finals! I have to tell you, it was a real treat not having to study for final exams this term! So I am loving working on the 2014 Gala here at the American Cancer Society so far! The event is in March so I will be working on it full time throughout my winter internship, and I will also be acting as an intern here a month after the winter term officially ends to see the event through! I have been applying for grants to try to get silent auction prizes as well as money donated to the event. I am also learning how to apply for a raffle license in the state of New Jersey, which is actually a pretty long and tedious process.

The “Tides of Change” Gala is a Casino Night in which we will have 16 games of chance, casino prizes, a silent auction, sit-down dinner, and an open bar. The Gala is $150 a person to attend, plus the cost of casino chips. It is definitely a high end event and I love that I am able to get this experience to learn how to run an event like this from the inside. At the event we will be honoring people from four categories: Corporate Visionary, Young Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, and Volunteer of the year. These people are business leaders in the area making a difference in the American Cancer Society community.

This past Tuesday I attended a meeting with the Board of the 2014 Gala. They are all so welcoming and nice and I cannot wait to get to know them throughout the season. The board consists of business leaders in our community, so I am also taking this opportunity to start networking because you never know where and when an event managing job may open up.

So in my everyday “student” life: My sister is coming home from JWU later tonight, we are having an 80th birthday party for my grandma on Saturday and Sunday, and I will be watching football with my best friend Melissa to unwind and cheer on our teams! I am off of internship next week for Thanksgiving break and will return the following Monday!

Again, best of luck to you all with the term coming to an end! I wish you all the best!

Until next time!

Signing off,

Jen :)