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Internship Week 10

Hello All!

I cannot believe that there is only one more week left of the term!

So this week I started my first week with Gala in Distinguished Events for the American Cancer Society! I will continue to work on Gala for the remainder of my time interning here, and I am so excited to learn even more about the event industry.

My new supervisor’s name is Madalaine Rice and she is the Senior Developer of Community Engagement. Since Madalaine’s previous title with the American Cancer Society was Distinguished Events, and the Organization has yet to find a new Special Events Specialist to fit the role, Madalaine is still acting as the top person in Distinguished Events. Working with her will be a great learning experience and I cannot wait to see what I can learn from her. I have already seen how our budget works, what expenditures and sources of revenue (donations) we receive and I am currently learning how to find and ask for grants from different companies. She said I will be able to come out of this event confident in my skills as an event planner, which is exactly what I am here for.

In my everyday student life, hmm let’s see. Last weekend I got to see my friends and we had so much fun catching up and laughing with each other; it seemed like the perfect time for us to all get together. This weekend I am working at my part-time job on Saturday morning and having a Wine & Dine night with my friend Melissa Saturday night. I am planning on coming up to Providence the first weekend after Thanksgiving break, so I need to save up some money for that!

I wish everyone the best of luck with the weeks winding down for the Fall term! It feels like it went with a blink of an eye!

Until next time!

Signing out,

Jen :)