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Internship Week 9

Hello All,

This week has been especially quiet. There is not a lot going on and everyone in the office is, well, kind of bored. We pretty much finished everything we needed to do to wrap up Making Strides Against Breast Cancer; all the mail was mailed, all papers sorted, all donations entered, it’s kind of just been a lot of sitting around hoping someone comes up with a task for you to do.

This is also the last week of Making Strides though, so this is also why there is not a lot to do. Everyone will be leaving the organization or starting their new position in another aspect of the organization staring on Monday. I am so excited for my new position on the Tides of Change Gala in Distinguished Events. This next step in my internship is going to be a great learning experience! I cannot wait to learn how to run an event from an Event Manager’s point of view!

In my life as a “student,” this weekend is going to be great!! I am having a girls’ night out with 4 of my closest girl friends from back home! It has been so long since we have all been together so we are really looking forward to spending time with each other and catching up.

I’m sorry this week hasn’t been the most “exciting” week to post about, but next week should be better since I will be starting my new position!

Until next time!

Signing out,

Jen :)