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Internship Week 8

Hello All,

So this week we are still wrapping up from Making Strides. I never knew just how long a wrap up process was for an event like this! it’s been tedious work, but we are all in it together getting it done. We are alphabetizing and counting thousands of papers, getting in tons of donations, and just trying to get everything cleaned up and organized. The vibe in the office is kind of weird this week because it is a lot of the temp Strides Recruiters last day tomorrow. But to celebrate our success and to say good-bye to those leaving, there is going to be a special lunch tomorrow as a final gathering of us all together.

I will help with the wrapping up of Strides until the end of next week, and then I will start to transition into the role I will be taking for my next internship beginning after Thanksgiving break on Gala. I am so excited to go to Gala and know that I will come out of it learning so much!!

This past weekend was great! After babysitting to get some extra cash, I spent the night with my friends who I haven’t seen in like a month due to our busy schedules! It felt great to finally spend some time with people my age! We went to a haunted hayride, then to 1/2 priced apps at Applebee’s (one of our favorite things to do), and then spent the rest of the night at my house just laughing and enjoying each others company. It was perfect and just what I needed!

This upcoming weekend is another busy weekend for me. Saturday morning I will be working at Build-A-Bear and then at night I will be managing the event I have been planning for the other non-profit I have been working on since the summer! I am excited and nervous for the event since this is the first event I have planned completely on my own, but I know it will all turn out fine!

Unfortunately it hasn’t been the busiest week so there isn’t a lot to post about, but I hoe you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

Until next time!

Signing out,

Jen :)

My friends forcing me onto the Wicked Wagon Ride

My baby sister dressed up as Larry form the 3 Stooges for Halloween!