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This is from a Johnny Cupcakes tshirt I bought. If you have never heard of Johnny Cupcakes, no it is not a bakery, but is quite an interesting store with a good story. I personally love the logo and this quote.

This week has been a little slower with one preseason Celtics game and two Bruins games. Let me tell you how happy I am to have the Bruins back!!

I was not sure what to write about this week to be completely honest. This week has been primarily filled with figuring out what I want to do. Internship is coming to an end, I am graduating, what do I want to do? Do I apply for an open position that is already available? Do I wait in hopes that a better one opens up? Do I try another venue? What will make me the happiest? I know I am probably over-thinking this, but that’s what I do. I hope everything falls into place, or there is some sort of sign for what I should do.

As for now, the best thing I can do is distract myself. Therefore, I am going to flip back and forth between my home Green Bay Packers and the Red Sox World Series.