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Events at the Gahden (Working on my accent)

Good Evening my Tumblr friends!!

I cannot believe how much time has passed since I started my internship! This week was a lot slower than the past couple weeks, and as I mentioned before I would talk about the events. The reason I am doing what I am doing. Last week was the first Celtics preseason game, Avenged Sevenfold, a Bruins game, Nine Inch Nails, and Selena Gomez. This week was a day Bruins game and the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

All of these events were completely different than each other, and it was very interesting to compare them. I have attached pictures from TD Garden’s Facebook. The Celtics preseason game was very small and very slow, concession wise. Honestly, I do not have much to say about it, I was a little disappointed, but it was preseason. The next day was Avenged Sevenfold and they had one of the most amazing set designs ever with a Gothic type castle. However, their opener goes down as one of the scariest groups I have ever seen with red smoke and the lead singer dressed as a skeleton pope.

Even though I am helping with Food and Beverage I am still able to catch bits of shows. Avenged was also a small concert, and would have probably been better at a smaller arena or House of Blues. They had a General Admission Area, which most people rushed to get to and did not leave; therefore Food and Beverage was once again very slow.


This is Avenged Sevenfold’s Stage. Unbelievable.

The next day was a Bruins game. Bruins games are the best. Plain and simple. Nothing compares to the atmosphere and the fans. Not to mention it is very busy which I love.

Friday was Nine Inch Nails. Now, I have never heard of Nine Inch Nails, but from what I heard they are legendary and put on an amazing show. It was pretty busy that day, but I had a chance to take a quick peek. The first thing I noticed were the lights which were unbelievable! When I was walking around the concourses after I listened to the music, I must say they were great. I was pleasantly surprised with Nine Inch Nails and if I had the chance to go see them in concert I would not pass it up.


Lead singer of Nine Inch Nails.

Saturday was Selena Gomez. Talk about a huge change from Nine Inch Nails. Ohhhh this was a special day. First, Concessions was a little short handed because of all the events that took place this week. I had to actually help out in a stand. Well let’s start with as soon as I got up on the concourse I heard squeals. Little did I know, there was a Meet and Greet session with Selena’s openers, Emblem 3, a boy band which was on some sort of TV show, or so I have heard. While walking past, this Meet and Greet not only was there screaming and crying, but there were girls asking others to smell their arm because it smelled like the band. I have never been to a Teen Concert like this before; my first concert was REO Speedwagon with my parents, so this was comical to me. The show started and unfortunately I was not able to check it out. I saw the set-up and part of Selena’s first song, but I was only scheduled until 8:30 pm, and after constant screaming I was ready to leave. I did like Selena’s stage though.


Lastly, the Circus. The Circus is a completely different breed of show. With the sets, the animals, all of the acts, plus their own retail and concessions, there were a lot of people and equipment at the Garden this week. Everything with the Circus was pretty slow, most likely since it was there from Wednesday to Sunday with multiple performances. I was able to catch pieces of the show, and I have never seen a Circus like this before. I think Circuses are so much fun, with the animals, and acrobatics it’s almost magical. You are witnessing people doing things they never should be able to; it is talent. Not to mention I just love elephants!


Here is the elephant supporting the Red Sox in front of the Garden, who by the way made the World Series this weekend!!!!

Well this was a different post, it was more talking about the events not exactly what I was doing. Just to clarify though, I am NOT watching these events, I catch bits and pieces walking throughout the building. It is exciting to me to be a part of so many different types of events, and to see the different types of guests they attract. This is why I wanted to get into an arena for my internship and hopeful job. I get to be a part of people going out to do something fun in their day. I know it’s not saving a life or providing an education, but to see people enjoy themselves is the most rewarding thing for me.

All of these pictures were taken by a photographer at the Garden. I do not own them and will not take credit for them.