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Fall Adventure 1: Pumpkin Patch Festival

Living in a city that has all four seasons (sometimes happening in one day) you can really enjoy the bountiful harvests of each one. Autumn is probably my favorite season, because you can wear sweaters and go to pumpkin patches!! As my RA event, I took 3 pretty awesome residents to a pumpkin patch festival in Chatfield. Little did I know that Chatfield was an hour’s drive away…somewhere in the mountains…BUT WHO CARES? It was truly an adventure.

Taking advantage of Colorado’s festivities is something I truly recommend. If all you plan to do in college is sit and watch a blank wall, just don’t do that. Yeah because that sounds a tad melancholy and BORING. I can’t wait to go to more things in Denver. (Being a girl from Southern California means I can’t always do fun stuff in the traditional weather)

Until next time, Tumblr World. :D I hope all is well on your end.