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Internship Week 5

Hello All!

It is officially the week before our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk here at the American Cancer Society in Manasquan, NJ! There is a lot of excitement in the office this week as we are all scrambling everything together to make sure the event is a success as it is every year! This week was full of the manual labor part of working in events. I helped empty and then re-stock and organize our storage unit to take inventory of everything we have and/or need to order for the event. I also was in our basement for 5 hours yesterday taking inventory of every single sign we will use along the Strides route next week. It has been a tiring, yet exciting week. I also am getting so close with a lot of my co-workers! They may be a little older than me, but they are really all so sweet and easy to talk to. A lot of them are “Temps” hired only to work on Strides and will be gone once the event is over, which will be an adjustment for me getting used to having a lot less people around in the office. There are tons of changes taking place in the organization now, and it is stressful knowing that my chances of getting hired after my internships are over is slowly dwindling, but I still have hope that maybe the timing will be right and there will be a position open for me, and they will like me and my work ethic enough to want to keep me!

As I mentioned in my first post, unlike most students who do their two internships at two different venues, I am staying at the American Cancer Society for both of my internships. Strides will be the big event I help with for my first internship, and I was just told that they will be moving me to Distinguished Events for my second internship. I am so excited to know that I will be working in Distinguished Events! It will give me a totally different perspective of working events for non-profits, and I am sure I will learn so much there!

I had also mentioned in a previous post about my other side “job” of being an Event Planner for a small non-profit called the Reiki Way Learning Center. This event is starting to get very stressful as it is approaching faster than I had originally thought it would. I know it will be a great event, but still, my anxiety is starting to intensify every time I think about it!

In my everyday “student” life, I have also been extremely busy. Last weekend I went up to Providence to surprise my sister who is a Freshman at Johnson & Wales this year with my family. We had a great time! We even got a chance to walk at Providence’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, which was a great experience! This weekend, I am going back to Providence yet again! This time, me and my cousin are road tripping to visit my sister, going to the breast cancer Waterfire, and the jack-o-lantern spectacular! These are things that I have done the past couple of years as a JWU student in Providence, and even though I live at home now, I am excited to go back to share these great experiences with my sister!

I hope that my posts about life as an intern help give students a better perspective on what to expect! I am also open to answer any questions if anyone has any!

Until next time!

Signing out!

Jen :)

PS: My supervisor Amanda says “Hello”!


Starting Line of Providence’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer


(From left to right) My sister’s roommate, me, my 11 yr old sister, and the JWU Freshman sister in front of the Strides Chevy!


Morning coffee before Strides with my little sisters and my sister’s roommate


Me and my sisters walking at Providence’s Making Strides


The Finish Line!