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Take a chance, just go

Another one of my favorite songs by Boys Like Girls “Go”.

What does this song have to do with this blog post? Well this song was the song I listened to when I decided I wanted to leave Wisconsin after High School to go to JWU North Miami, and is also the song I listened to when I decided to take a chance in Boston with TD Garden. A lot of people have questioned why I do the things I do like moving far away for college right after high school, and signing a year lease in an expensive city when I only have an internship for 4 months. Why do I? Well more like why not?

I knew in high school that I did not want to stay in Wisconsin. Whenever I went to a city I knew I had to live near one, and when I saw the ocean I knew I wanted to be that as well. When I was accepted to JWU I knew that I would be able to focus on a career I wanted, the next choice was to decide where I wanted to go. I knew that if I did not take a chance and go to Miami I never would. I would be stuck in my comfort zone forever like so many others. Miami may have not lasted for me, but what I got out of the experience opened my eyes more than I could ever imagine.

I transferred to Providence my sophomore year where I fell in love with New England. I stayed in Providence for the next three years to finish school. College worked out for me leaving; sure it was hard, but I know I made the right choice. I had the best experiences in college, and I think leaving the state made me a better person.

Now, I am onto the next step in life. I took a chance and moved to Boston for my internship, but signed a lease for a year. I knew that if I did not like my internship I wanted to stay in Boston. Luckily, I ended up with an internship I absolutely love. This week was the beginning of the Bruins season and the beginning of October. I cannot even explain how much I enjoyed it. Not only do I have a continued amount of respect for all of my supervisors, but they are absolutely the nicest people I have worked with. Also, NOTHING beats the atmosphere of a Boston Bruins Opening Day. Just like college, my internship is working out.

Now, to tie this all up and get to the point. With October starting up, I am now realizing that I only have a month and a half left of my internship. I cannot imagine leaving TD Garden and Massachusetts Sportservice so soon. I have learned so much, but there is still so much to learn. My chances have worked out for me, but I hope more than anything that they will keep me somehow in some position. So please if you can pray, wish upon a star, 11:11, cross your fingers, four leaf clover, whatever it takes and hope that this chance works as well as the last couple.

I know music helps me make up a lot of decisions in my life, and this one in particular has. Take chances in your life, they tend to pay off.