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"Reasons Like Seasons They Constantly Change"

I could not think of a title for this post, and it really has nothing to do with what I am going to write about besides that Fall is upon us, and these are some lyrics from one of my favorite musical groups, Something Corporate.

Fall is my favorite season, colder weather, pumpkin everything, changing leaves, and of course Football. What I do not like about Fall is that the changing weather can bring on sickness. Well that’s what happened this past week; I was brought down with some sort of virus, and it was not fun. After getting sent home last Thursday for being sick, and missing my first preseason Bruins game, I was bound and determined not to miss the game on Monday. I did not miss it, but I probably should have. Therefore, forgive me if this week is not as interesting as it should have been, I pretty much was in solitary confinement of my cube.

Most of this week has been administrative type work. Monday at the Bruins game, which was very exciting even for preseason, I made sure that the stand attendants were in uniforms. Then I helped with spoilage at night. The rest of the week I updated Seniority Lists, Card Access Lists, New Hire Lists, and Meal-Break Waiver Lists. I also set up some trainings, made up training materials, and went to meetings discussing the upcoming concert on Friday.

Friday I finally started feeling better, just in time for the Michael Buble concert! The concert was quite different than normal concerts, so I am told, basically the managers described it as a more “theater crowd” which it was. This is the most dressed up concert crowd I have ever seen. I helped with basic tasks, getting uniforms, making name tags-lots and lots of name tags, and once again familiarizing myself with the arena. After that, I went around checking stand coolers to see if their LED lights needed to be replaced. Then recording the cooler’s Serial and Model numbers. Not the most exciting task in the world, but hey I’m an intern and I got to hear Michael Buble! The last task of the day was recording how full kegs were in the portables, along with CO2 containers and keg shells. I can now give an accurate guess about how full a keg is by rocking it.

As I mentioned, it was not the most exciting work week mainly because I felt like crap, but this weekend made up for it because I discovered the best donuts in Boston, Union Square Donuts. Seriously, they were unbelievable.


Just looking at them makes me want to go eat another one.


Here is a picture from the Premium level of the Garden of the Bull Gang getting ready for the Michael Buble concert. This is a view I will never get sick of.

This week is Opening Day for the Bruins and another game on Saturday. GO BRUINS!!