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Internship Week 4

Hello all!

So on Sunday 9/29, my dad and I ran the Tunnel to Towers 5k in New York City. It was GREAT!! It was my first 5k and now I am hooked and cannot wait for the next one!

This week things are getting a little more intense at the American Cancer Society as our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk is coming up in 16 days!!! I can’t believe it’s so close!! We are all very excited and trying to get every little detail together for the day of the event. Donations have been pouring in, new teams are signing up, and all the little pieces are starting to come together! Right now, we are trying to get volunteers because we need a lot of extra hands the day of the event! So trying to get these extra hands is a big focus (especially because we are an office full of women, and we could really use some strong men to help us with the heavier objects that need to be moved around on the day of the walk). We are expected to get on track to have over 20,000 people attend the walk and raise over $1.1 Million!! Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Point Pleasant, NJ is the largest walk in NJ and I am so excited and so proud to be part of it!

Also, this week the office celebrated the beginning of breast cancer awareness month with Panera Bread’s Pink Ribbon bagels and Dunkin Donuts pink frosted donuts! YUMMY!! My waistline could do without all the goodies, but hey, it’s for the cause, right?!

I should have mentioned in my previous posts that I am also the Event Planner for a new non-profit called the Reiki way Learning Center. This non-profit focuses on healing the spirits and energy of caregivers such as those who work as social workers and those who work in hospice. The RWLC wants to throw a one-year celebration of being a non-profit, so they had asked me to help them with the planning process since they themselves are not used to throwing such events. I got involved with these lovely ladies through a family friend who is one of the founding women of the RWLC. I met with them and they loved my ideas and now I meet with them every Wednesday after my internship to help them plan their celebration coming up in November. They do not pay me of course, for they are a new non-profit and have not gotten to the stage yet where they can pay those who work for them. They are inspiring and positive women though, and I am glad to have the opportunity to gain even more experience as an event planner by working with them.

I can definitely apply a lot of what I learned at JWU to my internship and the other event I am planning. JWU taught me how to manage my time wisely, which comes in handy when I have a lot to do. My knowledge of events and the way I think as an Event Planner after attending Johnson & Wales definitely comes in handy when I am at the Reiki Way Learning Center and the other women are overwhelmed and do not really know how to put on a big event. I see myself maturing more and mroe through these amazing work experiences I am involved in, and I can’t wait to see the changes in my abilities when they are done.

This weekend I am looking forward to surprising my sister, who is actually a freshman at JWU Providence, with my family! She had been feeling homesick so a surprise visit should really help cheer her up!

That’s really all for now. Until next week!

Signing out,

Jen :)


^Pink Frosted Donuts


^ My Dad and I after the 5k