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Internship Week 3

Hello again! So I ended last week on Saturday 9/21 by volunteering with the rest of my office to try to raise awareness about Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at the Seafood Fest in Point Pleasant, NJ. There were so many people there! We handed out brochures about the walk and raised almost $600 for the cause! It was great to raise more awareness about the event and meet some fantastic survivors who are excited to join us!

Week three of my internship has been a little slow just because we are just finishing up making our last phone calls and e-mails to try to get more people to join us for the walk. I have been sending out so many emails and making tons of phone calls trying to make sure that anyone who had an initial interest in coming to the walk has all the information they need to get started. I swear, soon I am going to start talking in my sleep saying “Hello, this is Jennifer White from the American Cancer Society. I am calling in regards to our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk coming up on October 20th”. But it’s all in a days work! The people in my office are great! This week we celebrated a co-workers birthday with cupcakes, and said farewell with a mini ice-cream party to another co-worker as she starts her new job in NYC, (I am really going to have to start investing in a gym membership soon).

In my everyday “student” life, it has been a normal week. Last weekend I got to see some friends at Rutgers University, and this weekend I am working a few hours at my normal job, Build-A-Bear, to get some pocket money (that I could really use right now), and running a 5K with my dad in Manhattan on Sunday. So since I will not really get the chance to rest this weekend, I am definitely going to have to function off of coffee come Monday.

All-in-all i am still loving my internship, and look forward to the upcoming weeks to our big event in October!

Signing out,

Jen :)

My desk at the American Cancer Society office!