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Internship Weeks 1 & 2

Hello! This is my first post in this blog, well actually in any blog ever, so I am super excited to get started! Just a little background info about myself:

My name is Jenifer White and I am from Jackson,NJ. I attended JWU Providence and am completing my last two trimesters of my college career interning at the American Cancer Society in NJ. I chose to complete my internship in NJ for a few different reasons:

1. I get to save a bunch of money on living expenses living back at home.

2. I figured that I would intern where I wanted to live after college, just in case I got a job offer for after my internship is over.

In order to be able to do two full-time internships in NJ, I worked really hard to finish all of my required classes at Johnson & Wales last year (at least one full trimester earlier than I was scheduled to do). This required me to take on at least 4-5 classes a tri, which was difficult at times, but well worth it. Now, I don’t need to take anymore classes and can commit myself fully to my internship! I went into JWU’s SEE program wanting to work at a big wedding planning place and make a ton of money and plan these big elaborate events. Even though I still think that working in those big events would be awesome, I went through a change while at college, that I believe most individuals do, and I just knew that there was something more I could do for others; that there was a way for me to do a small part in making the world a better place. That is when I made the decision to focus on the non-profit world. As I researched non-profits, I saw all these wonderful fundraising events that take place year-round and it was like a light bulb went off in my head; I could plan events and help make a difference at the same time! That’s when I applied to the American Cancer Society and they welcomed my with open arms to complete not only one, but two full time internships with them!

Okay so now that you all kind of know how I ended up here, let me start talking about my time here at the American Cancer Society so far. I LOVE IT! The atmosphere here is definitely so up my ally! Everyone is so nice and it truly is like a “family at work” feeling. I just started two weeks ago, and already I feel like I’ve been here for months! They seem to really trust in my abilities to execute quality work, because already I have the same amount, if not more responsibilities than other people here who are actually getting paid and have been here since the spring! Knowing how mush they trust in my abilities is a great feeling and I make sure to always perform at my best while I’m here, so that the trust continues to grow, and that over time I am given even more tasks to be responsible for.

I am currently working on my ACS division’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk taking place on October 20th. I am very excited to be working on this project, and the office in general is really getting into a great spirit knowing how close we are to the big day. My current responsibilities are calling perspective team leaders to see of they need any help with fundraising or signing-up online, logging in all incoming money into our Event Management software, and putting together kits that get mailed out to teams with important information for them about the walk.

After these past two weeks, I can comfortably say that I am loving my time here at ACS! But don’t think that all I do now is work and sleep just because I am not actually at JWU Providence anymore. I am still only 21, and I am no where near ready to give up my youth yet! Since I am home, I am able to see a lot of my home friends on weekends who decided to go to school locally! This weekend for example, I will be going up to Rutgers University to see a few of my very good friends and have a great time! Also, since I live in NJ I am about and hour away form NYC! Next week I am planning in going to the city all weekend and staying over my cousin’s house in Staten Island! On Saturday we are going out to dinner in the city, and on Sunday morning, I am doing a 5k through the Holland Tunnel to support the Tunnel to Towers run! But I also did not forget about the amazing people I met at Providence! I plan on going up to visit them sometime after Thanksgiving break! So yes, I am a professional, full-time intern during the week, but I am still a young woman looking to have a good time and live my life fully on the weekends as well.

I hope my first post was helpful! I look forward to posting again next week!

Signing out,

Jen :)