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Denver's Gems

imageFat Sully’s Pizza aka Denver Biscuit Company aka Atomic Cowboy



Hello Tumblr world!!!

I have labeled this particular post Denver’s Gems because there is a restaurant on literally EVERY street in the city. There are so many restaurants in fact that Denver has an entire week dedicated to sampling what all the different places has to offer. It is called “5280,” a moniker of Denver’s Mile High city. Above is one place that I took my dad out on his recent visit here to the Mile High.

Let’s start off with Linger. It is one of those places that you take family to, or a hot date you’re trying to impress, or cross off your bucket list. It is in Highlands Ranch in Denver, growing and growing. They are right next to Little Man’s ice cream. Had the line not been so incredibly long, it would have been my pleasure to grace you with a photo of a frozen treat. Oh yeah, back to Linger. Like I said, my dad is visiting the Mile High making me determined to ensure a good time. We ordered the duck buns, beef sliders, and scallops. If you a restaurant buff (which I am assuming you are reading JWU Culinary blogs) take a look at the menu. Everything was a complete work of art. The chefs definitely knew their stuff back there cooking. I don’t want to describe too much detail, because I feel that will leave the imagination with nothing to do. So do me a favor folks: check out the menu and make the effort to seek culinary nirvana at Linger. (Also grab a scoop of a creamy novelty from Little Man’s if time permits.)

Fat Sully’s is the hot spot morning/noon/night

In the day, Denver Biscuit Company sends you back to your southern roots with the biscuit-centric menu. If you are a pulled pork lover, try The Elmer. It is a pulled pork sammie with slaw all on a light, buttery biscuit. There’s also a traditional southern breakfast complete with gravy, bacon, eggs, and chicken (all on a biscuit) Yes I know, the ‘scuit cray.

In the afternoon, Fat Sully’s bring a New York flare to the Midwest with their super thin crust pizzas. No matter what your favorite topping is, Fat Sully’s will accommodate! If you are a Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives fan you have probably seen this particular trio restaurant featured on the show.

At night the southern cooking, New York Style pizza places steps into its superhero photo booth transforming into The Atomic Cowboy. It is a very popular bar scene and definitely on the checklist on a Denver visitor’s “List of Sights to Seek.”

I think I have finally found a consistent topic to blog about. Between the JWU Culinary Building and the Denver restaurant scene, I should have lots to talk about.

Check the out!!!