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Marksburg Castle Tour and Jean Stodden Winery

This week was the last week of tasting and winery tours for this trip. I am sad that this wonderful experience is reaching the end. The closing blog will come Saturday morning after I have said my goodbyes. On the other hand, I have had a great last week. On Tuesday we went to Marksburg Castle and an awesome winery in the Pfaltz region.

Marksburg castle is very close to Koblenz and is one of the only castles in Germany that has not been destroyed. The castle took between 200 and 300 years to build back in the medieval age. Its amazing to think about that since the people who started building it never even got to see the finished product! The castle had amazing views of the Rhine river and was beautifully restored inside. I loved seeing the kitchen and their “salt box” since back then salt was such a precious commodity. Furthermore, the private bedroom was very interesting as well. The bedroom was the only heated room in the castle and the bed was about half of a twin size bed (Lengthwise). The size of the bed was meant to fit two adults. It was explained to us that the people back then slept sitting up because they believed that laying down to sleep would cause them not to wake up. We all learned a lot and really enjoyed seeing and learning about this historic place.

After leaving the castle we drove straight to the Jean Stodden Winery. The views on our way in were are absolutely amazing! Vineyards on both sides of the road, staggered on slopes. We were greeted with some very good Riesling sparkling wine. At the winery we were able to see the cellar and the vilification area toured by the winemaker Alexander Stodden. We then got to try five other wines from this winery and hear some fantastic stories from Alexander.