JWU Student Blogs

Almost at the end.

This week flew by.

This week we learned about Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, and Spirits. It was a quick three days!

On Tuesday, with our Switzerland wines we tried some cheeses from Switzerland! They were really good!! It was awesome to try wine with so many different textures and flavors of cheese. My favorite was “monks head”, It was really cool because you shaved it off with a knife that goes 360 degrees around the wheel of cheese.

That night we went on a tour of Marksburg (a Castle.) It was awesome. Our tour guide spoke english well, which is always great! She had some really awesome stories to tell. The castle is the only one on the Rhine river that hasn’t been destroyed. I thought the castle was so cool except the front stairs are stone carved (there was no stairs at one point because of horses) making it like walking up rocks.

After the castle, we went to a winery about an hour away. It was a small one but still really nice named Jean Stodden. We had a lot of fun! The wines were really nice and they served us sandwiches for dinner. It was really sentimental for all of us because it was our last winery tour. Our guide was the winemaker and he shared some stories from when he went to work in the United States at wineries. It was a really nice time!

Today we had a review session in the morning. Then we were free to do what we wanted in the afternoon. I went to the ‘post bank’ and mailed home 10 pounds of laundry. My suitcases are full of souvenirs so I needed some room and mailing home my laundry was cheaper than checking another bag. For dinner, five of us went to a restaurant and split a few pizzas. It was so delicious. Then we had some gelato! Gelato places are everywhere! Almost one on each corner. I’ve only had chocolate gelato because it’s my favorite but I never had bad gelato here.

After tomorrow’s good-bye dinner at the hotel, we will have tasted 303 wines in class and at wineries. That’s a lot of tasting in 4 weeks! We all go our separate ways on Saturday morning. I’m not flying out until Sunday so I’m staying in Frankfurt for a night. I’m already upset that we’re leaving each other. Everyone is friends with each other and it’s upsetting that some of us might not see each other again. I suppose it’s just another reason to visit the other JWU campus’ though!

Time to go do some last minute studying for the WSET exam in the morning. It’s 50 questions in an hour. It does not effect our grade but it would still be nice to have it.

Guten Nacht!