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This week was a long one. It started out with a lesson about food and wine pairing. It was actually a very funny class, because our professor taught us not only about good food & wine pairings, but also about bad ones. Some of the faces that my classmates and I made were priceless.

After that we moved onto France, which I really feel is the heart of this class. There is so much information about French wines and laws and different regions that we spent two days on it. Thankfully, our professor, Julia Sevenich is absolutely brilliant. She was so helpful and knowledgeable, that the days went by quickly. If you have a chance I highly recommend looking her up (julia7ich.com).

We also had Julia teach us about Italian wines. This was one of my favorite days so far. Some of the wines that we tasted were very high end. My favorite one was a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano from Avignonesi in Tuscany. I have already looked up where I can get it back home in the states.

I cannot believe that we only have 3 days of class left. I feel like I just arrived in Koblenz. Every time I go outside I am still amazed how beautiful it is here. I have really grown to love this city. That being said I miss everyone at home and am looking forward to seeing them and sharing what I have learned. But, before that can happen I need to pass my WSET 2 exam. I guess I better get back to studying!