JWU Student Blogs

Class this week!


I have been very occupied with a intensive week of classes. All week we have had class at the Wine School, it has been extremely informative, historic and geographic. I sure know that I have a lot of studying to do this weekend as well as next week. Though, it has been a great time trying so many amazing wines from France, Italy, USA, New Zealand and a special food and wine pairing day. My favorite wines were from Bordeaux (Of course) such expensive taste but what can I say! All the wines from Tuscany today came in second place for sure.

Our speaker for the past four days, Julia Seventich was awesome. She is a very knowledgeable woman that did an awesome job covering so much information. The thing I loved most about her presentations was how consolidated she made the information. Its nice that she split up the power-points with practical tasting. Also, we went over each tasting note with the whole class so that we could make sure that what we are writing down is correct. Extremely helpful!

We had one excursion this week, it was to a winery in the Nahr region of Germany called Sinss. Sinss is a Family owned operation that was established in 1791! The person who gave us the tour, Johannes Sinss, is part of the Sinss family and just took over his fathers job as winemaker. Him and his girlfriend are both very young and are currently trying to incorporate a more international and new age technique to the wines. My Favorite wine from this winery was the 2011 Spatburgunder which has yet to be released to the market. It was a fun and memorable experience.