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Leave No Trace

Hi everyone! It’s been a very eventful past few days! This weekend, we did the trainer program for Leave No Trace, where we learned how to implement different sustainability techniques for backcountry travel. As a result of fulfilling the program, we are all now LNT certified, and as a firm believer in sustainable tourism, I am very pleased.

As part of the program, we went on a very, very long hike through the rain forest, which was very fun and very exhausting. We saw two pit vipers, and various other flora and fauna, including several dozen poison dart frogs and a giant leaf-cutter-ant hill.

Then, today we went white water rafting and horseback riding. I have never been on a horse before, and it was a great first experience. My boy’s name was Bullet, and he was very sweet. It started raining at the end, so we started and ended the day completely soaked.