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Career Explorations 2013

Hello all!

So this past week was Career Explorations, a wonderful opportunity to see what industry you really want to get involved in. We had high school students all the way from New York to California come in to our campus for this 3-day event.

The three days were JAM PACKED with activities specific to the major as well as the awesome trips to Elitch Garden and Boondocks Family Fun Center. It was really fun to meet all the interested students and learn more about them. Expanding the diversity of the campus is a big thing in my eyes; helping that happen is more than my pleasure.

The Career Explorations staff kicked butt with all the late hours we had to pull, but hey it is what we do. I love the students who go here. No matter what ,we do what we can to succeed in all aspects of our jobs.


(Above is a photo of the CX staff, with the exception of 2 people. We are in the Presidents resident hall waiting to check people in)


(Barbara, Stefany, and myself all waiting excitedly for our campus tours)


(A little team bonding at Boondocks Family Fun center where yours truly was stranded in the middle of the pool. Sid and Jasmine had to rescue me)


(Boondocks Family Fun Center bowling night with fellow CX staff member and RA Amanda.)