JWU Student Blogs

Back in class at the Wein School.

Once we returned from France on Wednesday, we sure did not skip a beat as far as schooling is concerned. We had full class days on both Thursday and Friday, tasting many wines each day. Thursday was taught by a sparky lady from America named Kerry Brady. She did a whole day of lecture on German Wines and wine regions. It was fun and interactive. I felt like I got a better grasp on how to properly pronounce, how to properly interpret and how to properly read a German wine label.

That night our whole group was spoiled at a really nice dinner hosted by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board. We got to eat and taste many traditional Austrian meals. Our lecturer for the next day was the host of the dinner so we got to meet him and find out some precursors for the next class day. It was really a fun night and we all really enjoyed the food and wine. The next day in class was very informative. I learned a lot about Austria and their wine and now have a greater appreciation for them.

After a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend off I am ready for class again tomorrow. We are focusing all day on paring food with wine!!!! I really cannot wait to learn as much as I can, and have fun while doing it :) The week schedule is pretty packed but I look forward to seeing another winery on Wednesday and having an evening class on spirits on Tuesday.