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France Grand Wine Tour

We went on Grand Wine Tour to France for 6 days total. All the wineries that we visited, 2-3 per day, different regions and styles were all memorable.

imageI want to show different wineries rather than traditional wineries, which are Domaine de Mourchon (a family from Ireland) and Georges Duboeuf.

imageDomaine de Mourchon greeted us with a fine view up in the mountain and very aromatic wild rosemaries that you can pick everywhere.

imageMourchon produces high amounts of wine as you can see in the picture. Since they weren’t around for a short amount of time, everything was very modern compared to other traditional wineries.

imageThis was very interesting for me; they use concrete tanks to age and mature their wines. I’ve never seen those before and he explained that they are cheaper, great insulation, last longer, and stays cooler; perfect for storing wine for a long amount of time!

imageThis rose wine was everyone’s absolute favorite. It had very beautiful color with pink coral and crisp refreshing flavors!


imageGeorges Duboeuf had a very unique set, a train station. The front desk to the lobby was full of old train station items and the ticket was a train ticket shaped!!!!! They are very famous for their Beaujolais Nouveau.image

imageAlso, our tour started with a ride to the winery from the main lobby. It was a refreshing fun experience to start off the tour!

imageGeorges Duboeuf had a very high production and very electric involved management system! The interior was very clean and spacious with a museum attached on the other side of building for their history.


Rather than a winery, I felt like they were more of an amusement park. It was different yet fun :)

imageThis France trip was an unbelievable experience and more than I could ask for!!!!!!!