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Back in Germany after a week in France

Wow, Amazing, Breath-Taking, Historic, Eye-Opening, Mind-Blowing: These are just a few adjectives that come to mind after this whirlwind trip. We just traveled hundreds of miles to visit 12 wineries in 4 different major wine growing regions of France. Starting at Alsace, then to Burgundy, then the Rhone Valley and lastly Champagne. Being able to see and experience first hand the difference between each and every soil, facilities and background of the wineries was amazing. One of my favorite things was being able to see and experience the difference between the newly established and very old wineries.

Highlight of two of my favorite wineries very different, but awesome in their own way.

Domaine Mourchon- Established in 1989, located at the top of a hill in the Cote du Rhone region of France. The difficult and treacherous skinny roads we had to travel to get up on our big bus was well worth it once we got to see the view from the top. I will post some pictures so it will not be left totally up to the imagination! Since this winery is so new they had some super cool economical equipment. My favorite was their Concrete vats they used to age their wines. These vats hold thousands of liters of wine, retain a constant temperature and are quite inexpensive. The owner gave us the tour and was a brilliant man that had a real passion for his wine. I loved his Rose, and the Grenache/Syrah blend.

Joseph Drouhin- Family owned since 1880! This winery is located in the heart of Beaune city center underground. In the Burgundy region of France. The winery was used by monks that devoted their time at the Beaune cathedral right next door. Joseph Drouhin purchased the winery from the monks, but honored and preserved most of what the monks left. The cellar is almost exactly as the monks left it other than the addition of electricity and air conditioning. They even still have the original grape press that was used by the monks in the 15th century. Drouhin restored the press in the 1900’s and it still is in working condition today! The family is still avid in the creations and operations at this awesome winery. Great Pinot Noir wines and such an awesome cellar.

There is so much more to reminisce on and talk about but unfortunately I do not have the time! I just finished a five course dinner with wine paring hosted by the Austrian Board of Wine for our entire group back in Koblenz. Now I must prepare for bed because I have a full day of class tomorrow.