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Second Morning of the Grand Tour

Good Morning!

It is twenty to seven right now and I just finished my first French breakfast! It was awesome, I had crepes with Nutella, potato tortilla, croissant with cambert and ham, peach yogurt, and some wheat ciabatta with preserves. The food has been flowing throughout my time here that is for sure!

Today, we are having lunch in Bonne city center and then touring two vineyards in the Burgundy region of France. I know that the wine will be amazing and I am super excited! There is a three hour bus tour before we get to Bonne so I will probably nap or write some more notes/letters. I do have to admit, this does not feel like real life. Waking up every morning with breakfast made and then tasting amazing wines all day is but a dream to me. The crazy thing is.. It’s not!!! I am trying to just live every second of it to the fullest. I will try to post some of the awesome photos I have taken soon!