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Leaving For France in the AM

I have finally hooked up my Tumblr to JWU! Tomorrow the group and I leave to go on our “Grande Tour” of France. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this!!! Our first stop is Alsace. I am very interested to compare the Rieslings and other white wines there versus what I have tasted here in Germany. Pretty much everywhere we are going in France I have dreamed of going to and soon this dream will be a reality.

I have completed three days of class with our guest lecturer Jurgen Hammer. He is a very knowledgeable, fun and up to date wine expert. I feel like everyone in our group enjoyed his teachings. Today we learned proper wine service. I was happy to know that most of what JWU students learn in the dining room is actually observed all over the world! I know that the exam will not be an easy test, though I am very interested in everything about wine so I am sure that will help.