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Seoul Survival Challenge

Having spent almost four weeks in Seoul, we had seen a lot of the city, but we did not realize what we were seeing. Seoul is a very large city and each subway stop reveals new treasures. In the Seoul Survival Challenge, we were asked to find and take pictures of different historical and cultural treasures of Seoul. Among these treasures, we visited Namdaemun, Seoul City Hall, and the Korean War Memorial. This experience was quite fun and exciting despite the overwhelming humidity of the Seoul summer.

Finding the places listed on the Seoul Survival Challenge was no easy task. Each area required multiple transfers on the subway and plenty of walking. Our bodies are still recovering from the long day we had. But despite the long hours and effort that were put into this challenge, it was all worth it. The Korean War Memorial displayed Seoul’s appreciation for its country in a way that even made us a little emotional. The City Hall was not easy to miss because of how extravagant the building looked from afar and up close. The Namdaemun Market and the Buddhist temples expressed Korean culture in a way that made us feel as if anyone could be a part of it with the warm and welcoming atmosphere that we received. Each area gave us something to remember about Seoul that we will always hold dear to our hearts.

Not only did we get to experience all the interesting sites that Seoul had to offer, but we also got to know one another on a more personal level. Even though we’ve been interacting with one another for over three weeks, those times didn’t compare to what we went through together as a group. It’s safe to say that we appreciate one another much more than we did before.

Ian, Thad, Sonyaimage