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Seoul Mates

Walking throughout the city of Seoul, you can easily spot couples holding hands, wearing matching/similar outfits, and the like. Things such as food and drinks come in “couple sets” on menus catering to these lovers. With so much romance in the air, where else but the Seoul Tower should these lovers go visit for some romantic time with one another.


Seoul Tower, also known as Namsan Tower, is located in the central part of the city, giving visitors an incredible view of the city. Each year the tower attracts thousands of tourists, specifically couples, to proclaim their love. They do so by acquiring a padlock, writing endearing details on it, locking the padlock on one of the rails, and throwing away the key. On top of Seoul Tower, there are thousands of these “love locks,” so much so that rails filled with the locks are removed and formed in tree shapes and new rails are put in place for more lovers to profess their love. To capture this romantic moment further, benches and restaurants are designed for the couples to enjoy this occasion. For those who are not with their significant other, a postbox is stationed inside the tower so lovers can write a postcard to their partners, letting them know that they are thinking of them.


The Seoul Tower isn’t a location exclusively for couples; many families and friends also visit the tower. Many come for the breathtaking view that overlooks the city, others partake in activities such as riding the cable car, visiting the Teddy Bear Museum and shops that are along the venue can be found. Staring at the rusted locks, you can see that these love locks symbolize proof that love can endure any condition. A tradition that has become world-renown, those who visit Namsan Tower can have confidence that a piece of their love can be found in Seoul.

-Julio, Emily, Chen