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Hyundai Heavy Industry

We could never fathom the size of a shipyard… until now. The realization that we are so small doesn’t kick in until we drive past all the huge container ships Hyundai is building. Over 400 meters long and 20 plus stories these ships make you appreciate how far as a society and race we have gone. In 40 years Hyundai has transformed the coast of Ulsan from a small fishing village to a massive shipyard. Driving through the yard we saw colossal cranes and sections of ships. This one shipyard has the ability to build 5 ships at a time in each of the 11 dry docks. So at maximum capacity the yard can build, repair, and construct 55 ships at one time. If that fact isn’t crazy enough, Hyundai built the shipyard from the ground up all while constructing their first contracted job with Britain. The company averages 63 contracts per year with a turnover on these contracts being about 12 months. We realized that these are the reasons why this is the number one shipyard and shipping company in the world. The sheer size and the capability of it all is still mind blowing.image