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Surviving Seoul: The Challenge

Last week our professors handed us a paper half in english half in Korean and said we had one day to go out and take pictures of these thing and places after we decoded the message. So yesterday my assigned group all met and decided to decode the lengthy document from Korean to English and strategically map out our intended route for the following morning.

My team members and I awoke promptly at 9:00 to begin a photo challenge that sent us across the city of Seoul. One of our first destinations brought us to the Korean War Memorial where we accidentally interrupted a game of magic to ask three young boys to pose for a picture with us; as the boys suddenly got up and hid from us a another group of girls caught our attention. When we approached the three girls, one was eager to join and yet the other two played Rock Paper Scissors to decide who had to take a photo with us. Next we arrived at Tapjol park where Jenny spoke to an old man asking him kindly to pose for a picture with Brittney; after the photo he bowed and told us he was honored we asked him.


When we arrived at City Hall we were hit with the aroma of good food as we stumbled upon a festival sprawling the green offering free health care screenings for the elderly. We had to find the old city hall so we asked an old woman working a booth who told us that the new city hall resided in the beautiful glass building directly behind its predecessor. Did we mention that all of these amazing and historical monuments were free!? As we continued throughout the day the sun rose higher in the sky bringing the temperature to a soaring 90 degrees, which meant a mandatory stop at the ice cream man on the street.


Every time we flagged a new taxi, the driver immediately wanted to see our assignment and asked us all about our project. It goes to show how caring and helpful the Korean people are. When we finally finished we decided to experience the PC rooms which are basically Internet cafes. As we walked into the dark room lined with computers we found groups of young students intensely playing video games. We quickly uploaded our photos from the challenge and sent them off into cyber space to our professors. Overall today showed us yet again how wonderful Seoul is, the way they have integrated their traditional culture and values with modern day living.

We are sure going to miss it here; Seoul you have stolen a piece of our hearts.