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Hyundai Heavy Industry

It’s time to almost leave, endless hours of packing, planning, and double checking; seems to never stop the thought of… did we forget something? Somehow we got the feeling nothing can prepare you for shock that comes with traveling to a whole new world. Our travels this summer will take us to South Korea, and as with any school trip there will be some learning involved. We of course were very excited to learn that for our studies, we will be visiting and learning about Hyundai. Our first reaction to learning this was “oh sweet, we get to see cards made.” Nope. Wrong Hyundai.

The Hyundai we’re learning about started as a construction company in 1947. Which by 1970, the founder of the Hyundai group, Chung Ju-yung decided to expand into the shipbuilding industry in Ulsan, South Korea. Without any knowledge of the shipbuilding industry, Chung took a major risk in starting this new venture. Chung Ju-yung’s “Spirit of Hyundai” was the key to success. Ju-yung led his family members, 15 brothers, 8 sons, and 1 daughter to stand in the first line of the business. Ju-yung also personally participated in the line of production of all the parts of the industry. Hyundai Heavy Industries currently has seven business segments working on Shipbuilding, Offshore & Engineering, Industrial Plan & Engineering, Engine & Machinery, Electric Systems, Construction Equipment, and Green Energy. We have to admit cars sounded really cool but… ships are bigger and better.


Xinyan Lu, Yingfei Xie, Stephanie Lemay, Anthony Mongillo