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My name is Kyle and, as you probably already know, I’ll be studying abroad in South Africa in just a few days. I wanted to introduce myself before I leave so it will be easier to follow me throughout this trip. As you probably know from my bio, I’m going into my junior year as a Culinary Arts and Food Service Management major at the Providence campus. What my bio won’t tell you is that I’m only 18 years old and this will be my first time outside of the country. Taking advantage of JWU’s early enrollment program, I was able to start at JWU’s Charlotte campus when I was only 16; fast forward two years, and here we are!

To be completely honest, I wasn’t entirely thrilled about the idea of going to another country to spend the majority of my time learning things I could learn right here in Providence. Summer will be my 8th consecutive term and the last thing I want to do is spend it in a classroom. Surprisingly enough, the South Africa program doesn’t leave much time for class. The itinerary is packed with excursions and events, leaving only two leisure days where the group is planning on skydiving and sand-boarding. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. image