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Sadly this week we went to our last excursion, which means our time is coming to an end in Italy. It seems like it was just yesterday that we got here, and now its time to leave! I’m not ready :(

So let me tell you what we did in our lest excursion…..

This excursion was by far was my favorites because we got to go to two different hotels. The first hotel that we went to was he Crown Plaza that is part of Intercontinental hotels.

The Crowne Plaza was located in Castellammare di Stabia. One thing that I liked about this hotel was that once you walked inside you could tell right away that their target market is a not leisure travelers. It seemed to me that their primary target market is business people from around the world because of the décor of the lobby and rooms.

We got the chance to visit some of the areas of the hotels: conference rooms, guest rooms, outdoor areas where they hold privet events and also the beautiful pool with the great view of the sea and the Vesuvius. I thought the location of this hotel is great because business travelers can get to different cities very easy, but at the same time they can enjoy their free time at the hotel because of the great features that the hotel has.

The second hotel that we visited was II San Pietro di Positano, very different compare to Crowne Plaza. This hotel was located in the Amalfi Coast, which is mostly for leisure travelers and not much business people. This hotel was only open during the summer season. Most people who stay at II San Pietro di Positanoare celebrities and wealthy people because it cost over 600 euros per night to stay in a standard room; where as in Crowne Plaza it cost about 100 euros per night for a standard room.

The reason that this excursion was by far my favorite was because it thought me something about the industry that I’m studying. Seeing two different types of hotel it made me realize that I prefer to work for a small luxury hotel than a hotel who has business people as their target market.

Italy defiantly opened my eyes to many things about my major, international tourism, and hotels. We only been here for nine weeks but the knowledge and information that I received in this short time I was probably wouldn’t be able to achieve if it wasn’t for the study abroad program. I had a great opportunity to learn so much about Italy and hotels and how business functions in south Italy. Therefore, I’m very lucky and grateful for the opportunity to do a semester abroad.

Shamila Aryan