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This will be the final time you hear from me in Italia! This past week we visited the beautiful towns of Positano and Ravello on the Almalfi coast. I cannot even begin to explain the beauty of these towns and the view you are able to see of the ocean. This day was probably the best excursion day we have had thus far. We visited two gorgeous hotels in each town and were able to learn a little it more about the USA popularity in both. These towns attract the “elite” and famous. No wonder why! The hotels were indescribable, never mind the area we where in!

Positano has gone through multiple stages of popularity. Originally rebuilt after a major tsunami destroyed many of its original buildings. After the tsunami, pirates could easily pillage the town, bringing it down even more. Rather recently in the 19th century the route SS163 was created connecting Sorrento and Naples to Positano. This was one of the best things that could have happen to this town. This is when Positano began to rise to one of the most desired locations of artists alike. Here you can find waterfalls, rare gardens, mountain ranges, and cliff gardens. I encourage all to visit at least once if you are staying in the south of Italia.

Ravellois considered to be the 1st refuge of noble families from Almalfi, a town only minutes away. Here we visited Villa Cimbrone, the single most beautiful botanical garden I have seen thus far in Italia. The whole tour the only thing Kindra and myself could speak about is how we wanted to get married there and how perfect it would be for such a romantic scene. This villa was created due to Lord William Beckett and holds statues, extremely rare plants and flowers, fountains, and a few temples. We took a tour through this villa and I wish it was what we say at our first botanical garden. The area itself was a little bit of a walk from the city center but completely worth it for its views of the ocean off the mountain side as well as the flowers and plants that we saw. The trip ended in a very uncomfortable ride home off the mountainside.

I do not think i have ever been so sick on a mini-van in my whole life. The views were beautiful, especially when we took the tourist streets there but the trip home absolutely did me in. It holds very rapid curves and turns that are not favorable to someone who gets motion sickness. The fact that no windows were open and the A/C was like someone trying to cool me off with their hot breath was not helping factors. I think if I was in someone’s car I’d be much better because I can control more features than having a driver.

All in all this was an amazing day, and I know I am not the only person that will agree with this statement. Anyone who visits the Napoleon area must visit these towns for the cultural experience of a life time. The people were absolutely fantastic. Many spoke English, which of coarse is very nice once in awhile in Italia. They were also very hospitable which I am sure is due to the amount of tourists they receive during the spring and summer months.

I am so sad to have to sign off of Tumblr, but I hope you appreciated the pictures I posted of all the beautiful places I have been and all the beautiful people I have met. This was truly such a learning experience, and I am so thankful.

Forever and Always Italia,

Nicole Knapik