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This Tuesday we went to visit two beautiful hotels, one in Stabia and another near Positano. Positano and Ravello are cities near Amalfi Coast, which the view of the ocean is stunning. Those cities are very high up on the hill so it gives you a great view of the ocean. The drive to those cities was unpleasant for me because of the carsickness and the roads were really twisted, but for people who do not have this problem, you will truly enjoy the beautiful scenic drive along the coast. After our visit at San Pietro Hotel we stopped by Positano for a lunch break. I found that Positano is considered to be one of the touristic places in Italy; I have encountered so many tourists there. Also a lot of people there spoke English, so it was easy for us to communicate but I have tried my best to use some of my little Italian skill so that I could practice it. Surprisingly, while I was shopping around the little shops on the street down to the beach one of the vendor who was selling bracelet was from Thailand!! I was so excited!! And it was even better because I was buying stuff from her so it was a great opportunity for me to bargain a little. After I bought some bracelets, we went down to have some gelato and enjoy the beach. Andrea and I decided to walk down to the beach, while some others did not want to since they do not want to take off their shoes to walk in the sand. When we first walk on to the sand it was really painful because of all the rock, we put our feet in the water but it was too cold. By the time we finished enjoying the beach it was time to head on to Ravello. My thoughts on Positano were that it is a small, beautiful and adorable city, but it was too touristy that it has lost its own culture. Lots of stuff have been overpriced and there were lots of trash on the beach. I think it is comfortable for tourists to have a comfortable visit at the city with all English speakers around and feel like they are at home, but they will never get to experience the real Italian culture. There are lots of shops that I have seen in Positano that reminds me of Thailand, a lot of their products that they sell are so similar to the ones in Thailand that I could not even tell that I am in Italy at the moment. This is something that touristic cities should look into and try to make their place different. It is good to attract lots of tourists but it is also important to teach them or let them experience your culture.

Karolin Springer