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As much as I don’t want to say this, this is my last time writing from Castellammare di Stabia….. I hope you enjoy it!

Last Wednesday, April 24th was a really good day.
My day started very early. At 6:45 am I was jogging by the Castellammare’s port. After a energetic breakfast and a quick shower I jumped into the bus and departed to Crown Stabia hotel..

As its name implies, the hotel is part the Crown Hotel chain. Although there are many Crown Hotels in the US, here in Italy there are only few of them and Castellammare was one of the town chosen to open one. The hotel opened its doors in 2004, five years after the project first began.
Our host, the sales & event manager at the hotel, was really welcoming and he gave us a tour of the building. He showed us four conference rooms, one of them located on the 4th floor with an amazing view of the ocean and Mount Vesuvius, (all I kept thinking was how hard it should be to pay attention to a conference meeting with that view). The hotel has 150 rooms, and we had the chance to see one which was pretty nice and seemed to be really comfortable with a terrace facing the water.
I would definitely recommend The Crown Plaza Stabia/Sorrento coast hotel to anyone wanting to visit the Amalfi coast while saving some money. Its locations makes it more afforable that any hotel located either in Sorrento, Amalfi or Positano.

Next stop: The San Pietro Hotel. This hotel is the only hotel in the Amalfi coast with private beach, private tennis courts, private parking lot (fundamental in this area). Even more remarkable, it is the hotel where Julia Robert and George Clooney have stayed before. The San Pietro hotel is located 3 mins drive from downtown, busy Positano. What makes the hotel even more special is that they have a quiter and more peaceful atmosphere to enjoy. It is “small”compared to any hotel in NYC, but at the Amalfi coast it has the perfect size. With 61 rooms and infinitive amount of land around, it is the perfect hotel to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
We were lucky enough, and we all had opportunity to see the suite where Julia Roberts and George Clooney have stayed before. The suite is indescribable. From the moment we first walked into the room I could feel the peace and the beauty around us. The terrace, the bed, the decoration, the bath, the shower, the towels, the ENTIRE room was gorgeous. In fact, not only the room but, the hotel, the tour, the host, everything, was memorable.

I have to say that I really enjoyed last Wednesday’s excursion, and it was really special for me. It reminded me why I chose this major. I loved when the guy in the Crown Hotel said to us that working in a hotel is “a challenge everyday”. I literally loved his quote and I will keep it on my mind for ever. I like challenges and I enjoy to challenge myself, so hearing that from him motivated me to pursuit my dream of become a General Manager of an important hotel chain.

To be honest, I cant believe that this will be my last blog about Italy. The time went by SO fast, which is good because that means that I had a really good time.
All of the hotels that we visited, the factories, the different experiences, all the towns we went to, the VI, classes, the bus rides, everysingle day of this study abroad experience has been memorable.

I really hope that whoever is reading this blog is makes the smart decision of going abroad for a while. Coming to Italy has changed my life, and I hope my experiences influence many people to experience the same.

Andrea Sultan