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As a group we had the opportunity to visit Il San Pietro di Positano. I have been fortunate enough to visit some of the most famed hotels in the U.S. and Europe through my travels, but Il San Pietro absolutely amazed me. It is difficult to offer a 5-star service level while still maintaining a personal relationship with the guest. From what I witnessed and learned from our tour, this property has mastered the art of being a true luxury resort.

The design was elegant and sophisticated but did not come across as pretentious. The associates were friendly and obliging, and even the guests seemed fairly easygoing. From its roots as a private villa with extended property, the hotel really does feel like more of a grand home rather than a resort. The entire atmosphere is geared toward complete relaxation. It is just minutes away from the city, but is secluded enough to serve as a perfectly peaceful getaway in which one may escape from the pressures and bustle of a popular resort town.

The property maintains a local and organic stance in regard to food sourcing. The hotel uses a great deal of its extensive property to grow the produce necessary to support its food and beverage operations. The dining room is the only amenity open to outside guests. In addition to a lovely garden, patio, and dining area, the resort boasts a full service spa as well as a private beach.

I can’t think of a single thing I would change about the hotel. It was perfectly ideal with the most incredible views and all the amenities that one could desire. Again, the atmosphere was so inviting and relaxed. I am so thankful that we were able to visit this incredible property.

-Dara Barto