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Our Last Group Excursion, Positano & Ravello

As I was skimming through my classmate’s blogs, I came across one word in Joey’s blog that really epitomized the vibe in Positano- timeless. Positano is gorgeous, arguably one of the most picturesque towns in southern Italy. The purpose of our trip was a hotel tour at Il San Pietro, a five star luxury hotel located just south of the main town center.

Positano is known for its hand made clothing, jewelry and craftsmanship- much like all of the towns on the Amalfi coast. Built into the side of Amalfi’s gorgeous cliffside, Positano has an old world feel that epitomizes a seaside beach town. Local jewelry vendors and handmade clothing shops line the cobblestone streets. Like many of the towns on the Amalfi coast, Positano is known for its craftsmanship and handmade clothing and goods. Aside from just gorgeous views, the gem of a town offers a clean beach, several restaurants and a plethora of shopping. I believe Positano is truly a timeless tourist destination because it offers old time beach charm in a pristine location.

Our second stop was in Ravello, a small village sitting atop one of Amalfi’s highest cliffs. Ravello offers a more historical and cultural vibe. The town derived its name from ancient times, when great noble families from Amalfi found themselves at war. The “rebels” began escaping to current day Ravello. Some of the most important families of the glorious republic of Amalfi lived there, dominating the Mediterranean Sea. Today, Ravello is known as the town of music, offering a wide variety of music festivals during the summer months. The village is small with a population of just 2,500 people and one piazza. During our time in Ravello, we had the opportunity of touring one of the historic and beautiful villas. Our tour guide was an excellent example for those of us looking to pursue a career in group tours. He was so knowledgeable and went above and beyond during our tour. He spoke with clarity and most importantly, he had a great sense of humor.

Last Wednesday marked our final group excursion. As our time in Italy winds down, I find myself growing more and more attached to the natural beauty and ambiance of our location. It’s truly going to be hard to say goodbye.

Jenna Juron