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Last week, our last group trip went to Positano and Ravello. The two small town is really beautiful and we also have a trip in the hotels of these two town, and the hotels there are wonderful. The main thing that I will talk about is about the views of these two town.

The first town that we went is near a beach, and we enjoyed the galato there which is really great while under the sunshine. The weather there is really nice and the shops there are full of Italian style which makes us excited. It is really worth to spend the time on the bus to the place because we can just enjoy the view outside and feeling the bus climbing the mountain.

The second town that we went is also near the sea, which is not far away from the first one. This small town is full of history. The tour guide introduced us a lot of buildings and sculptures, which make our trip to be more wonderful.

We went to a garden with a lot of flowers. The smell of it made me find that the summer will be coming soon. The weather there is really hot and we just wear a suit to have the trip because of the trip to hotels. I think that will be the problem we can change in the future.

I think the trip let me know a lot about tourist and it also helps me to know the importance to have a unique place or a unique design in a hotel. These will help me a lot in the future.

Yingying Zhang