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Ciao everyone!

Wednesday, our excursion day, was our last excursion, but also my favorite! We visited the Crown Plaza in Castellammare, then the Hotel San Pietro right outside of Positano. As I mentioned in a post before, the coastal ride along the Amalfi coast through Positano, Amalfi and other beautiful neighboring towns is breathtaking. I could never get sick of the beautiful views of the cliffside and ocean along the winding road thousands of feet above sea level. Upon coming here and visiting the San Pietro, it occurred to me that this wouldn’t be a bad place to work and wake up to every morning. It couldn’t get much more beautiful, so why not? The Amalfi coast is well known around the world and receives thousands and thousands of tourists each year. Although there are so many tourists, there are a lot of places (like the little towns in between) that aren’t your typical touristy spots where you don’t experience any culture. This coast is rich with Italian culture, and also a great place for someone seeking work in the travel or hotel industry because there will always be tourists visiting, that’s for sure!

After the coastal drive past Amalfi we finished the day in Ravello. This was my first time in Ravello so I was pleasantly surprised with the lovely views of the mountainous landscape and ocean below. The gardens and agriculture is also very rich in this area making the town even more spectacular. All in all, I believe that this region of the country is by far my favorite, and it would be a great place for an opportunity for someone in the hospitality industry.

Meghan Picaro