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Bye Bye our last excursion together.

After the wonderful hotel tour in San Pietro Hotel, we started discovering in Positano town! The ride going to town was heart quaking. I have to click the thumb button for our lovely driver. On the other hand, a tip for every traveler is that bring medicine or mint oil with you because the ride gonna be really crazy. One and half hour tour flied so fast. On the way we walked down to the beach, we did a lot of shopping. Just like every tourism destination, shopping everywhere in the town. However, there were many shall sale their own handmade stuff. Those were attractive; because you will never find it anywhere else, how can we say no? See the picture Shamila was getting excited and crazy to choose which color bracelet she‘s paying for. This is the same fact in hospitality and tourism industry. As long as you have something unique, you will have your market. Tourists love things special and they would love to pay for the differences with others. For instance, the San Pietro Hotel has its garden where you can see the Positano town, and it’s only in here. So tourists would like to pay 1100 - 1600 for the unique with thousands hotel choices in this area. By the way, I think I found where I want to go for my honeymoon, San Pietro!

Then, we went to another place called Revallo. We visited a pretty villa with an energetic guide. It was such a good place to enjoy yourself. The villa is owned by a very wealthy family. It’s kind of strange for me to visit someone’s home. But I do want to have a place like this!

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