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In addition to honing your knife skills or your business plans, here at JWU you will also learn the experience of networking. Networking is all about presenting yourself to connections in your industry and this afternoon in Pepsi Forum here at the Providence campus not only was the networking with industry professionals, but they were also JWU Alumni!

The panel, put together by our Ex Ed and Alumni Association, featured 4 JWU alumni with backgrounds including: culinary FSM, Human Resources and Marketing, Sports & Entertainment Management, and Media. For an hour we sat and listened to their panel full of questions and advice. After that, we got to grab food from a buffet (and we all know how much college kids love free food!) and sit and personally network with the panel and other professionals.

I actually left taking away more than I thought I would.I am currently enrolled in a Human Resources course for my FSM degree and it has actually really opened my eyes and made me curious about it.Hey, if you come to work with us in Disney in the future maybe I will be the one hiring you or training you! but being able to hear personally that yeah, your 9:20 Accounting class may be a drag now but you will use the checks and balances in the future or that connections with JWU have helped establish their future was really comforting to hear. We all came to the conclusion that Johnson & Wales University really does change your life and shape your career!

Photo taken from the Providence Ex Ed facebook page