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Ciao, everyone!

During the last excrusion, we visited two famous hotels - the Crown Plaza and San Pietro hotel. Both of them are located on the coast line,face the sea and have very beautiful ocean view.

The Crown Plaza is sitted next to the sea. There are only 7 or 8 Crown Plaza in Italy and this one is opened in 15th July, 2004.It has 150 rooms and all of them can see the ocean.Part of them have whole ocean view and part of them have part ocean view. The Corwn Plaza has 4 meeting rooms and they are different sizes. One of it can contain up to 200 people in it at the same time whith theater set up. We went to another conference room which is located on the 4th floor. It has all glasses walls that you can see the outside clearly. On the 1st floor, outside of the building, there is swimming pool and it is only 1M deepth. Across the swimming pool, the Crown Plaza has a private party space which can used for wedding party. Recently, the Crown Plaza is planning to do repositioning strategy. They gonna change their brand logo and market level in order to move forward.

After that, we visited the San Pietro Resort and Hotel. It is built on a cliff and you need to go down to entrance th hotel. This hotel has a wonderful location. It faces the ocean and on the right hand, you can see the whole view of that famous town - Positano. It is opened in 1970 with 33 rooms. Now it has 50 rooms. It has 4 restaurants and we visited one of them. In this restaurant, wherever you sit, you can enjoy the whole view of the ocean. Also, there is a private area in this restaurant and it is designed for customers to relax. Behind that, you see the real rock. This hotel provides fitness center and spa rooms for customers. Next to the futness center, the hotel designed the path way for customers who is afraid of taking elevators to the beach. San Pietro has 5 types of rooms, they are standard, delux, junior, superior and special rooms. All the rooms face the Positano are defined as special room. Then, we visited cheapest room - standard room which its price is 620 Euros per night. It is a huge standard room with balcony. And it has a huge bathroom with a luxury bathtub. Beside the bathtub, the hotel uses glass as a wall. Therefore, while customers doing bathing, they can enjoy the whole view of the ocean.

Both of them are really gorgeous, but I like San Pietro more. It is the beast choice for honey moon!

Taylor Xue