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Nutrition Meets REAL LIFE?!

Hey all!!
I have been given a great opportunity to work in field before the degree. Recently I was given a position as a cook in an eating recovery center here in Denver, and let me tell you it is quite rewarding. While I am not able to talk about the patients and their business, I can say that it is an eye-opening experience. I want so badly to sit down with these young girls and boys and assure them they’re all special in every way possible.

This weekend marks my second week of employment as well as my end of training. There is so much to remember and at times a little overwhelming, but I’m getting there. I’ve been trained on making the snacks and now the meals for the patients, and soon will be deemed good to go!

I am just so sincerely pleased that I have given the opportunity to help these kids in some little way.

Warm fuzzies. <3