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My most recent adventure was to Matera, Italy. In Matera there is a town made up of stone. The UNESCA group conserves the town and there are currently people living in the houses. UNESCA is a group that works towards saving culture and educating while keeping peace all over the world. There are plently of UNESCA sights all over the world. Most of the sights are tourist attractions because of the reconstruction and preservation of properties. It was once evacuated because of a malaria outbreak. It was inhabited for a period of time. The majority of people, who now live in the houses and the town, are foreigners like Germans. Surrounding the small town of Sassi di Matera is a modern environment. The city looks like any other outside of the stone town. You could have never imagined Matera would contain such beauty. There were also rocky mountains with a small river flowing on the side. It was all so beautiful and unreal.

The history behind the place is very interesting and it’s amazing that people actually live in them. We were told that the Passion of the Christ with Mel Gibson was filmed in the town because it has a Jerusalem look. The walk ways are small and the ground is a little difficult to walk on because of the stone but it is a unique place to live. I wish I had the chance to speak to someone who was living there and ask them about their experience. I recommend everyone to spend a day exploring and taking in the beautiful sites. Make sure you wear walking shoes!

I also enjoyed gelato and sorbet at this parlor called I Vizi Degli Angeli. The gentleman behind the counter was so hospitable. He let us all try sample of different flavors that he had. Some flavors of the sorbets were blueberry, coco, kiwi and lemon. The sorbets were made with no milk and no artificial flavoring. The gelatos had many unique flavors. The flavors were thyme and mallow, cookies and cream, custard, chocolate and Malaga. Malaga was the one I had which was made up of custard, Malvasia and raisin. They were all so delicious that we went back for seconds. The gentleman behind the counter told his story of owning the parlor and how, his wife and himself, produce the gelatos and sorbets. It was interesting to learn how he started his own business with his family.

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