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Great programs, amazing individuals

One thing I really like about the JWU campus here in Denver is the mentality of diligence for change that the people share. One of my fellow RAs here on campus named Meg is someone who is making it happen.

Today I attended her second viewing of “Miss Representation,” a film that discusses the female role in society. It shows the media and how it portrays the ‘ideal girl’ and it so sad that it has come to that in this day and age. I won’t go too much into it, because I’ll forget the point….

My point: Meg has given the student body a safe haven to come and speak about their idea of what they should be in society. This girl is a huge advocate for everyone’s voice being heard, and it is so genuine and sincere. I can hardly help myself from jumping on board with her “Save the World (one person at a time) Plans”

Meg, like many others of this campus, are creatures jumping out of their habits. These people are people change, and you can tell with all the volunteer work they do FOR FUN. If you want a campus that caters to the people and sets you up for the long run in life, Denver is the spot. We may be the smallest of the 4 campuses, but we are not to be taken lightly. JWU Denver: Spartan warriors without the great loss at the end. We continue to grow, thrive, and spread the good word of diversity and equality amongst all.

I hope that gives you all some warm fuzzies this evening.