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Bye Bye Singapore, Hello Thailand

Hey! Hope everyone is doing well. This blog will cover my last week in Singapore and my first day in Thailand. 
So for one of our last classes in Singapore we were shown how to make several Chinese dishes, and this duck along with a baby pig (-_-) was a victim. I normally don't consume baby animals, so I was a bit sad about the pig.

These are some of the Chinese dishes I got to make in class. The top dish is fried rice (made using a wok), the soupy dish is a hot and sour soup, and the fish is red snapper with ginger.

I also go to try the black chicken that was listed in one of my earlier post. I'm not sure if it was the cooking method or the other ingredients but it had kind of a flimsy texture, and was quite sweet.

I found this hello kitty cake in a nearby store. It was a vanilla filling with almond paste and cream exterior with bits of chocolate for the bow, nose and eyes.

On our last week in Singapore we were tasked with making small items for 1200 people for the At-Sunrice Academy graduation. Everything went pretty well; above is a selection of some of the dishes that we made. These dishes included: gnocchi, pumpkin jelly, beet borscht and deconstructed laksa.

As a thank you for making the items for the graduation cocktail hour, the school took us out to a really nice seafood restaurant where we were served family-style dishes on a rotating table. My favorite was the endless calamanci drinks which I will dearly miss when I leave Southeast Asia.

We also got to try our hands at Asian Desserts. Above is a dish that I made which is sort of like a sweet soup, but with taro, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, palm sugar and tapioca balls.

This is also another dessert that I got to make. The exterior is a sweet potato dough that has ben rolled around in coconut flakes, while the inside is a gooey palm sugar filling.

Me and a group of classmates also decide to visit the Marina Bay area one last time to take in the views.

While at Marina Bay we stopped in the mall which had a huge array of stores, and even a stream that you could take a boat ride on.

I also got to see a bit of the downtown area as well, which is pretty nice at night.

For one of my last meals in Singapore I decided to go with Indian Cuisine since I hadn't had that much of it during my stay. It came with garlic naan, a butter lentil dipping sauce, tandoori chicken, spiced potatoes and a chick pea chili.

The school also treated us to a seminar where I got to watch Hide Yoshimoto (famous Japanese Chef who owns restaurants in a few locations) do a demo on Japanese Macrobiotics. We then got to try the items he prepared which consisted of a pressed salad, steamed cod, mushroom and radish salad, and daiko tea.

During one of my free nights I went out with one of the Chefs and some classmates to the Clarke Quay area for some drinks and food. This area is good for clubbing, bars, entrainment and shopping.

Also for those of you who have not been to Asia you will come across toilets like this which are a step up from an outhouse, but require squatting so be prepared.

I took this shot upon my arrival to our hotel in Thailand. We're right by the night market where there are tons of little shops set up where you can bargain or trade items.

This is a picture of my current hotel here in Thailand. It's a lot more spacious than our last hotel, but the beds aren't really tall people friendly.

On our first full day in Thailand we got to go to an elephant park that is located in the jungle. While there, I got to ride this bull.

While at the elephant park, we also got to see the process of how to grow and make rice. The rice pictured is used to make sticky rice, which is used to make a Thai dessert.

Also, we got to see how they make paper out of elephant dung...

We also got to attend an elephant show where we got to see the elephants paint pictures (their artwork is in the back as you can see). They were pretty talented. We also got to ride the elephants (not pictured), which was great but I don't think I would do it again!

 Monkeys just chilling

One of my goals here was to try fresh coconut water, which was a fail for me because I don't really like coconut and it was too much for me.

We also got to go rafting down a river at the elephant park. It was pretty cool.

Also, up in the mountains somewhere is a group of people called the "Long Neck" tribe (they people wear tons of braces around their neck as tradition). I was really hoping to see some of them on the outskirts but I found out that I have to travel deeper in.

We also got to go to an orchid farm where they were raising a variety of orchids.

This ice-cream was on my bucket list for Thailand, because you get to see them make it from scratch on a cold table, which only takes them about five minutes. I had a video of the process but my phone didn't want to act right, so you'll just have to be satisfied with a picture of the finished product

Above is a picture of the night market I was talking about earlier.

While in Thailand I also got to try banana roti which was sooooo delicious. The finished product is like a crispy version of a crepe with sautéed banana inside. I hope they have somewhere I can get this in the states.

While at the elephant park I also got to chill with these ox.

This was also on my to do list for Thailand. The infamous fish pedicure.....very ticklish, very weird, but efficient.
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