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Building Community as a JWU Parent

Marc Dubner, an active member of the Parent & Family Advisory Board (PFAB), writes about the importance of building a community within the university landscape. Marc's son Josh is a hospitality student at JWU Providence.

My son Josh has grown so much as a person during his first two years at JWU. 

My own JWU experience has been just as beneficial!  I decided, after visiting the school for orientation, to become involved in the JWU community by joining the Parent and Family Advisory Board (PFAB). The reason I did so was multi-faceted, but if I had to sum it up in one word it is “community.”  We visited JWU 4 times before Josh started school, and each time I felt that this university was a real community. From the faculty, to the administration, to the volunteer parents on the PFAB, there was a strong feeling that everyone here really cares about the students and everyone who is a part of the university. 

The Dubner family enjoys a trip to Hong Kong.


There is a real sense that the faculty is invested in making sure students here succeed. When I attended school many moons ago, some professors would brag about how many students would end up dropping their class, or to be prepared that A's and B’s are few and far between. It was more of an ego trip than anything else for them. 

When speaking to faculty here, they come across as “regular” people who really want to help your student do well. They are regular people because they've worked in the industries they teach.  When engaged in conversation with both faculty and administration, you get the sense that they are thinking: “What can we do to help your student be successful?” This is why JWU has such a great reputation in the many industries it impacts—especially (but not limited to) hospitality and culinary. 

I am so proud to be a part of the PFAB, and the 3.5 hours I drive to attend quarterly meetings sometimes feel like a drive around the corner. There are members that drive even longer, which is a testament to them and also the school—for not many people would extend themselves this way if they didn’t feel welcomed and very positive about the university and their students.  We, like JWU, want to contribute and help make things as great as possible—  not just for our students, but the entire student body.

The Dubner family enjoys time in Hong Kong.

The associate director who oversees our board, along with other school administrators (including deans) that attend our meetings, show a true desire to include us in school happenings and keeping us (and the entire parent and family community of JWU) informed as much as possible.  This attitude is not prevalent at all universities around the country.  It is a very welcoming environment indeed.

I can go on for hours, but in summary, my wife and I are so happy that Josh was adamant about attending JWU. The experience for him, and us, has been tremendous! Anyone who is looking to be part of a community and not just a university should seriously consider JWU. You won’t regret it!

If you are interested in learning more about the JWU Parent & Family Advisory Board (PFAB), please contact the Office of Parent & Family Relations at 401-598-2895.

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