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Being a Vegetarian at JWU

Bianca Giron is passionate about poetry, animals, vegetarianism and activism. Her latest project is creating a new JWU club, the JWU Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Bianca Giron, animal lover.


I’m often asked questions about being vegetarian, misconceptions I dislike,

Some questions being like…

“Where do you get your protein?” or “Don’t you miss eating meat?”

I have been vegetarian for about eight months now, a great feat!


I became vegetarian when I moved to school,

When I realized that eating animals is cruel.

I thought going to restaurants with friends would be hard,

And that I’d always have to be on guard.


I worried my meals would consist of tofu and salad,

But after being vegetarian for a while I know that's invalid.

Campus dining offers veggie burgers and gardein bowls,

Making going vegetarian on campus an achievable goal.

Off-campus there are lots of places to eat,

The Grange and Veggie Fun being where some of the vegetarians meet.


I have noticed that there are a lot of vegetarians and vegans at JWU,

And an idea in my head began to brew.

I’m in the process of starting a club,

For vegans, vegetarians, and animal lovers, as a social hub.

The club is called Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, email me at BGiron02@wildcats.jwu.edu if this club is something that interests you!

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