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J Crew On Film: "Color Crazy"

Here is a #CareerGoal for all of you fashion majors! And for those of who are not fashion majors, color theory can still be a fun subject!


On Friday I had my 20th birthday and throughout the weekend I got to celebrate it with friends. I went to dinner and a movie on Friday and on Saturday I had some close friends throw a small get together here at JWU. I was showered with love from my friends and family and I honestly feel so blessed to have seen my 20th birthday. I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday and took part in the celebration of my 20 years here on Earth! I love you all <3


Hey everyone! I hope everyone got through finals because spring break has long been anticipated! Unfortunately, I am not going anywhere warm but I am still happy to go home to see my friends, family and boyfriend. I am excited however to just relax and not worry about academics for awhile because just in a week’s time I will be back to Providence. I hope everyone has a warm and safe spring break and to those who are in warmer places I am so jealous! See you in a week wildcats!

Denver - Finals

Excuse me, I think the whole Denver campus is full of zombies. Everyone’s dazed looks, the packed library, and the inevitable campus-wide coffee shortage can only mean one thing…